Visit Malaysia Year 2007

Celebrating 50 Years of Nationhood

Malaysia celebrates 50 years of independence. She invites all visitors to share in the joy and excitement of this momentous occasion. Come and be mesmerised by a unique multicultural populace celebrating 50 years of nationhood in harmony and peaceful co-existance. You will truly be fascinated. Click here for more details. 

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Map of Penang
Free map of Penang is available at most shopping complexes and tourist centres. Get your copy today and visit the many exciting places of attractions!


Penang International Lantern Festival 2007
15 September to 31 December at Auto-City

Intricately designed lanterns and exciting entertainment with the theme ‘Hello Kitty and Friends in Penang Safari’ will be held at Auto-City from 7-12pm daily from 15 September to 31 December.

Highlights of the event include live entertainment from ASTRO-TVBS Asia Mid-Autumn Carnival with Taiwan and local artistes, lion and dragon dance, mooncake-making contest, lantern-making contest, lantern parade, Penang Dino Park and more.

Click here for programme of the event.

For more info, contact 604-501 1222 or 017-523 1688; Fax: 604-501 1221; Email:

The jungles of Malaysia and the waters around are blessed with many natural wonders. Among these is an amazing creature called the sea cucumber.

Only about a decade ago, scientists and engineers have placed the humble sea cucumber under the microscope to take a closer look at its unique qualities. Its properties have led to the discovery of scientific evidences that back traditional remedies used by forefathers of this land. Click here for full story.

Ramadhan – a time for reflection

Fasting during Ramadhan is more than just going without food and drink. It is also a time for self-improvement. Click here for full story.

Recipes for Hari Raya Goodies

Lemang: Click here for full story
Ketupat daun palas: Click here for full story
Rendang: Click here for full story
Kuih Bahulu:
Click here for full story

Hari Raya Open House

The rumah terbuka or open house concept is prevalent in the Malaysian culture especially during major festivals and celebrations like the Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year and Christmas. His Majesty, the King of Malaysia and Muslim government leaders also hold 'open houses' for the public at their official residences. Click here for full story.

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The Kapitan Keling mosque -- a place of worship rich in history

The Kapitan Keling Mosque along Jalan Kapitan Keling (once Pitt Street) is a monumental structure crowned by copper domes. This is the largest historic mosque in George Town, founded around 1800. Click here for full story.

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Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram, Burmah Lane

Not the oldest, but certainly the largest Buddhist temple in Penang. The colossal size is not within reason, for within the main temple is found the reputed third longest reclining Buddha in the world. Measuring some 33 metres (108 ft.) from toe to tip of headgear, Wat Chaiya's reclining Buddha takes pride of place alongside other Buddha colossi found in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and China. Click here for full story.

Where lies the heart of a star

The writer visits Tan Sri P. Ramlee's birthplace and shares the vibes at the original site that ushered Malaysia's greatest screen idol. Click here for full story.

P. Ramlee's birthplace and gallery. Click here for full story.

Sea cucumbers – back to nature cures

Monthly updates – an inside look on places, people, cultures and festivals related to our calendar of festivals and events.


Silat – a Malay martial art steeped in tradition

Like other forms of Oriental martial arts, the millenia-old Malay silat is equally popular and effective in exhibitive, entertainment and sporting functions as it is for actual combat. The etymology of the word silat refers to movement of the body and the art itself originated during pre-Islamic times. Historically, silat reached its zenith during the Majapahit dynasty (1292-1478). Click here for full story.

Taking a closer look at the Penang Islamic Museum

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The Penang Islamic Museum takes you on a trail which traces the earliest days of Islam in Penang and Malaya right until the present day, via galleries and sections divided by theme. Our virtual tour of the museum is now even more interactive, using 'swivel' clips which gives the visitor the feeling of being there, offering panoramic views of galleries and displays. To complete the 'realistic' experience, a soothing gamelan melody enhances your appreciation of the aesthetic. Click here for full story.

Stories of interest – articles of perennial appeal celebrating the uniqueness, rich legacies, charms, foods of Penang, a paradise isle in the heart of Southeast Asia.



Lorong Kulit -- a ragbag and jumble of odds and ends

Penang is host to hundreds of shopping outlets and one of the most interesting must surely be the flea market at Lorong Kulit. You never know what you will find and the search is only half the fun. The flea market draws thousands of bargain hunters each week. Click here for full story.

China Blue -- Cheong Fatt Tze mansion

Once the favourite residence of a powerful financier, the Blue Mansion in Penang has been restored to its original splendour by a dedicated duo of architects. Click here for full story.

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